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git Cheat Sheet

May 01st   -   Articles, Snippets & Tutorials

Merging one branch into another branch

Start by checking out the destination branch.

$ git checkout [branch_name]
$ git pull

Merge the feature branch into the destination branch.

$ git merge [feature_branch] 

Create a brand new branch

Before creating a new branch, checkout the branch you would like to copy from and pull the changes from upstream. Your master (or whatever) needs to be up to date.

$ git checkout [main_branch]
$ git pull

Create the new branch on your local machine and switch to this new branch.

$ git checkout -b [name_of_new_branch]

The first time you try to push the new branch, set the remote as upstream.

$ git push --set-upstream origin [name_of_new_branch]

See your last commit

Sometimes you want to see what you just committed.

$ git show --name-status

Articles, Snippets & Tutorials

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